• Admission into Classes Nursery to Class IX is going on for the session 2024-25. For admission contact 9859460630/7002276942.    II  For admission related queries click here.
  • New Courses 2024-25

    Available Courses: 

    👉 Khol:                Devotional music 

    👉 Sattriya Nitya: Classical Sattriya dance form 

    👉 Gayan:             Devotional song 

    👉 ChitraKala:      Folk art and painting 

    👉 Tabla:               Instrumental Music 

    👉 Karate:             Self-defence practice 

    👉 Abacus:            Device for calculating 


    Who can apply? These courses are open to all interested students at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Majuli. *How to Register* : Interested students can register by submitting their names in this Google form.


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