Friday, 12 June 2020

Art competition held on the  occasion of the World Environment Day 05/06/2020 :

The winners of the Art competition held on the occasion of the World Environment Day are as follows--
Junior category:(I-III)
1st-Ayushman Sharmah (ABL1)
2nd-Udipta Borah (III)
3rd -Gaurav Roy(III)
Consolation prize-Anshuman Hazarika (II)
Senior category--- (IV-V)
1st - Abhigyan Bhuyan (V)
2nd-Bibhob Krishna Deka (V)
3rd-Siddarth Saikia (V)
Consolation prize-
Gauri Phukan(V)
The prize holders can collect their prizes from school premises.
Thank you. 

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